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March 2017

Olsonet announces an extension of the PicOS platform to incorporate CC1350 processors.

November 2016

Deployments of the ATOLS location service at facilities in Bruges, Belgium and Reims, France.

July 2016

Olsonet's Chief Scientist presents a paper on ATOLS at DCNETS 2016.

May 2016

A pilot deployment of ATOLS in an IL facility in Antwerp, Belgium.

May 2015

Olsonet and Alphatronics launch the ATOLS project aimed at developing a location tracking system for Independent Living Facilities.

October 2014

Alphatronics deploys Olsonet's customized ILIAD as Alphanet 1.0 integrated with their advanced health care system. A several-hundred-node pilot is running at a retirement home in Bruges, Belgium.

June 2014

A sensor node at the front door of Combat Networks hits 3 years of continuous operation on two standard AA batteries.

May 2014

Olsonet WSN systems can now be seemlessly interfaced to WiFi-based networks.

March 2014

Olsonet adopts BLE (low-energy Bluetooth) as an optional interface of their proprietary WSNs to other networks and systems.

December 2013

Olsonet announces a new version of the ILIAD praxis, a generic WSN for Independent Living facilities, incorporating a new generation of accelerometers and combination sensors.

August 2013

The pool of sensors handled by our nodes has been extended by several new accelerometers and combo sensors, including BMA250 and BMP085. Our standard set of WSN praxes now covers the new (white) version of TI CHRONOS.

March 2013

Olsonet adds the WOR (wake on radio) mode to their CC1100-based RF communication schemes, thus enabling power-efficient listening for spontaneous (asynchronous) radio-triggered events.

January 2013

Powerful virtualization tools added to our VUEE emulator make it possible to further blur the boundary between the virtual and real words, enabling integration and interoperation with social networks based on smartphones and WiFi access points.

September 2012

Olsonet nodes provide efficient gateways between Bluetooth networks and our proprietary wireless ad-hoc sensor networks.

May 2012

Olsonet builds an MSP430-based network analyzer, a combination of spectrum analyzer and packet sniffer, for diagnosing and tracing problems in wireless ad-hoc networks, and for debugging wireless praxes.

February 2012

Olsonet develops a location tracking application dubbed SLOTS, for Sampling-based LOcation Tracking System, providing sub-meter indoor accuracy using a wireless ad-hoc network built of Olsonet's inexpensive nodes.

December 2011

Olsonet's platform has been licensed to the DIVA project at the University of Ottawa for research on vehicular wireless networks.

November 2011

UofA research on Independent Living, involving Olsonet's sensor networks, receives a new momentum from IBM.

October 2011

WSN lab at Grant MacEwan University to be outfitted with Olsonetís sensors and software.

August 2010

Fruitful co-operation with Combat Networks brings to life a pilot deployment of our alarm and event notification system at Independent Living facilities in New Jersey.

July 2009

Summer school on WSN (July 6 Ė 17) at CEOS. Here are Olsonetís slides.

January 2009

The SmartCondo project at the UofA uses Olsonet's wireless sensors for non-intrusive monitoring of the elderly. See the video.

December 2008

EcoNet nodes successfully tested in forests in Brasil.

May 2008

EcoNet demo launched at the UofA. The network is based on Olsonet's low-cost self-configurable sensor nodes for reliable wireless data collection.

October 2007

WAHOC'07: Workshop on Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks: Urban Legends and Reality, held in Wisla, Poland and co-organized by Olsonet.

Olsonet embarks on a joint project with the Earth Observation Systems Laboratory at the UofA aimed at building ecological sensing networks based on Olsonet's wireless technology.

July 2007

Strategic meeting in Vancouver between Adigy Canada and Olsonet results in excitng collaboration plans.

June 2007

Adigy's CEO and Olsonet's Chief Scientist present wireless sensing technology for medical applications at FICCDAT'07 in Toronto.

June 2007

Olsonet's CEO and Chief Scientist demonstrate wireless solutions at INSS'07 in Braunschweig, Germany.

May 2007

Olsonet and Adigy Canada sign a collaboration agreement to join forces in the area of sensor networks.

April 2007

Olsonet's Chief Scientist presents recent enhancements to TARP at DATE'07 in Nice, France.

December 2006

Olsonet's Chief Scientist talks at the Winter Simulation Conference in Monterey, CA on VUEE methodology of modeling wireless channels.

November 2006

CIBER lab at SFU in Vancouver to use PicOS/TARP nodes for adding ad-hoc capability to their medical wireless sensor networks.

October 2006

The wireless lab at the UofA in Edmonton receives from RF Monolithics and Olsonet 200 PicOS/TARP-based nodes for research on sensor networks and ad-hoc sensor databases.

May 2006

Cooperation with RF Monolithics brings about a successful industrial deployment of a large ad-hoc wireless network based on PicOS and TARP.