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We hint at a few application types we had in mind when building our framework. Some of them have turned into blueprints for commercial solutions, some are still waiting for a business case and deployment. On purpose, we only list the original applications, as they were filed in 2001 when Olsonet was created.

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Personal Group

Personal items are protected against theft or loss. Two types of wireless devices form the ad-hoc network: small nodes (Assets) placed in protected items (suitcase, wallet, camcorder), and a control device (Controller) carried by the owner. If an Asset is too far from the Controller, both devices sound an alarm. The devices look like thick Band-Aids, credit cards, key chains, large paper clips, wristwatches, or calculators.

Mobile Group

Main functionality deals with security and convenience of mobile groups of people, e.g. tour groups, conference attendees, outdoors group activities, etc. Nodes are designed with a wristwatch interface. They form groups and subgroups, with rules imposed by the network (group) administrator (e.g. tour operator). The most prominent functionality is event notification, with security extensions in permanent background run.


Ski resorts, amusement parks, national parks, and other large tourist attractions offer better or new services to their patrons. The emphasis is on communication within groups, including infrastructure nodes.


This is about communication and collaborative security within spontaneous dynamic groups. Automobiles are equipped with CarNet nodes (LCD, keypad, possibly integrated with the car’s radio). Stationary nodes may greatly complement the mobile network and add vast and interesting infrastructure functionality.



Ad hoc network nodes are integrated with power / water / gas meters to automate data collection. Presence of this network would not only instrument great savings in the collection process, but would also allow useful analysis of regional or time-based demand, event notifications, etc.

Neighbourhood Watch (NW)

Neighbouring houses or apartments are equipped with the NW nodes that interface monitoring hardware, or are integrated with it. The houses enjoy friendly but efficient monitoring and event notification within the neighbourhood.

PD Ad-hoc

Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are equipped with ad-hoc communication extensions, to facilitate background communication among them.

Household Group

In an industrial or residential version, this application provides a variety of functions for households, warehouses, museums, etc.

Large Gathering Security

This application combines ad hoc networks with other systems that add computational power, database capabilities, etc., or provide infrastructure linking ad hoc networks, layering ad hoc groups, and controlling the desired behaviour. The main theme is security. Areas of deployment include airports, stadiums, and establishments with permanent or temporary secure areas.