About us

Olsonet Communications Corporation was established in June 2001, with head office in Ottawa, Canada. It was founded by a group of telecom experts from industry and academia.

Our mission is to demonstrate that ad-hoc wireless networks do work. We have found it irritating that no widely available, inexpensive ad hoc wireless solution has materialized on the market so far, despite the abundant opportunities for profitable deployment of such a solution.

Our main goal and product is a framework for holistic, rapid, reliable, customized development of ad-hoc networking applications. We bring to the table proprietary and unique components: the operating system, a variety of software interfaces to diverse RF devices, an emulation engine and unorthodox routing mechanisms.

Our ideas have been validated by successful commercial deployments, which support the evolution of our framework and help us concentrate our efforts on a solid market-driven path. We are aggressively researching new hardware and software technologies and rapidly accommodating them into our framework.

The key people

Wlodek Olesinski:


Pawel Gburzynski:

(President & CEO) co-founded Olsonet Communications Corporation in 2002. Wlodek brings many years of industry experience in telecommunication networks and network management domains. Prior to founding the company, Wlodek was a member of scientific staff at Bell-Northern Research, where he was mostly involved in developing call processing software for Advanced Intelligent Networks. Wlodek was also a member of R&D teams within Alcatel, Newbridge, and Nortel Networks, taking part in software development for PSTN and packet networks. He has lived and worked in Canada, Germany, and Poland. Wlodek holds Master's degree in Computer Science from Jagiellonian University, the oldest and the most reputable University in Poland.

(Chief Scientist) is known in the networking community for his numerous contributions (Curriculum Vitae), including medium access control protocols and routing schemes for wired and wireless networks, simulation, performance evaluation, and real-time operating systems. As a professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta, he has educated many MSc and PhD students. Dr. Gburzynski (PhD in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw, Poland in 1982) has collaborated with many companies, including Lockheed-Martin and NASA on cutting-edge projects. He developed industrial grade software in the areas of communication protocols, operating (embedded) systems, compilers, simulators, signal processors, and others.